The Association of Thai Students in the United States of America or ATSA is a non-profit organization established in 2020 to serve as an informational and networking hub for Thai students in the United States. Our primary beneficiaries include past, current, and prospective students who are Thai citizens and/or are of Thai descent from any U.S. academic institutions. By serving as a central platform for communication and resource sharing, ATSA brings together various stakeholders including students, the Thai government, the private sector, and alumni communities to reimagine education and professional development opportunities for Thai students. Examples of our services include job fairs, academic conferences, mentorship, cultural events, and university application guidance. The unification of Thai students and Thai Student Associations from all over the nation would enable us to fully leverage our collective strengths and expansive connection for the benefit of Thailand and Thai people.


ATSA works to help Thai students who study in U.S. to connect each other, and collaboration with Thai students to give opportunity to work or study here. Furthermore, American Thai Student Associate or ATSA is the main network for Thai students to connect with local students


To enable multi-directional communications and collaborations among Thai students at universities in the US

To promote the advancement of knowledge, technology, and education by inducing collaboration between American universities and Thai entities

Promote employment and professional development, retain talents, and reduce brain-drain

To strengthen bonds across student generations, and other student alumni

To assist in the cultural transition of Thai students to western culture and create awareness, as well as a robust network, of Thai communities of students